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By Guest Blogger Gabriela Cabezut

I was a Mexican girl with an insane addiction to English books. Something that wasn’t easy to get as now. There was no internet (Okay. I’m feeling old here! In my defense, I’m still young but technology has advanced too fast over the years), so reading a book in another language was sort of a luxury. There was no Kindle or E books. There were only paperbacks and it was quite random for me to get a hold of them without leaving the country. I was lucky to have friends who travelled around the world and had the same passion I had: books.  

While I was a tween, I discovered through a friend a series of books called “The Babysitters Club.” They were all in English and for my pleasure, there were tons of them. I got addicted. Like absolutely addicted. I could read them in one day or less and the best part was that she had many of them. I couldn’t finish the series but I was hooked in reading in English. Why? I don’t really know. I blame it on my strict English teacher. She pushed me to fall in love with the language. Plus, I found so many books I enjoyed tremendously: Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Anne of Green Gables, etc. I kept reading in English until I was old enough to read JanAusten’s books. Granted, it wasn’t easy at first. I had to read with my dictionary on hand and I had to look over many words at first. 

Many years later, I came across this app called Wattpad. It promised free books and it was all in English, too! I was in cloud nine when I found it. I started to read a few stories here and then before I understood you had to vote on them to help the story’s ranking and such. After a year or so, I found myself itching to post a story of my own. Since it was in English, I figured I could let go and write whatever I wanted because no one in real-life would know I was there. 

I posted my first story, Radio Love and before I finished it, I started out Prince with Benefits, a story I had in my mind since I was a teen. I’d write whenever I could, with no strings-attached and no worries if it could high rank or not (I figured that was like a long-shot, anyway). But something absolutely magical happened: people started to like my story. Despite many grammar and spelling mistakes (even confusing words like bangs to bangles), readers were kind enough to read through those awful errors and enjoy my story. And it became #1 on the Romance’s rank (to this day, I can’t believe it ever happened). I started out my FB author’s page and I started to get many followers and messages before I came clean to my husband and family. It was more like a hobby than anything more. Until I got a few publisher’s messages and another one from Wattpad HQ. Then, it started to feel more serious than anything. After many calls and emails, I signed up with Summit Books from the Philippines and I got my first-ever advance payment for my book. 

That’s when writing became a serious matter. 

Over the last year, Prince with Benefits has been published and I’ve finished two other stories on Wattpad. I’ve been invited to be part of the Wattpad Stars program (there’s a little more than 100 of us. Out of 40 million. Which is pretty mind-blowing). And I’ve signed up with another publisher to write a series of Romance books. The first one comes out this May. 

If you’d asked me five years ago if I ever thought I’d be a published author, I would have laughed at you. I neverthought that signing up to Wattpad would change my life. But it did, and I’ve never been happier

Hopelessly Imperfect 


Cancer is a beast.


It’s ugly, savage, and has no mercy.


Cassie learned this all too well while watching her mother slowly deteriorate, one agonizing day at a time…


With the desire to make her mother’s last year the best it can be, she works to be the perfect daughter. Every character trait, witty joke, like and dislike—Cassie molds herself to be what her mother would love most. 


But in the end, it still isn’t enough…


After years of pretending, Cassie has no idea who she really is. When her mother slips away, Cassie falls into a deep depression, and thoughts of suicide become her most pressing threat. After a failed attempt, she seeks help, and is eventually able to return to life at home.


Going through senior year as the girl whose mom died sucks


With her father picking up the pieces of his own heart, and Cassie back in school, she’s able to make a few new friends—one of them being Nathan Rivers. A little quiet, strong, and with inner demons of his own, Cassie can’t help but be intrigued. And as she grows closer to Nathan, the reasons for their mutual attraction slowly unveil.


Pain sometimes feels impossible to cope with. It’s consuming, saturating, and allencompassing. 


As Cassie and Nathan struggle to heal, can they learn to forgive and accept the past, and possibly find happiness in being Hopelessly Imperfect…?

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