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Till Death Us Do Part by Cristina Slough #BlogTour @cristina_slough @bookenthupromo 

Genre: Military/Romantic Suspense 

Release Date: December 29, 2015

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The fateful day Mimi Marcus has dreaded begins with a phone call… 

The wife of a U.S. Marine, Mimi spent countless nights worried that her husband Joel would fall in the line of duty. He had fought valiantly and served his country with honor. That’s exactly what they tell her when they deliver the news—Joel was taken by the enemy in Afghanistan. Her husband is dead. 

In desperate need of closure, Mimi travels to the one place Joel still has ties—The Marcus Ranch in Texas, inherited by his handsome younger brother Austin. 

New beginnings are only an illusion… 

The closer Mimi grows to the Marcus family, the more she considers it home. But when suspicions of Joel’s past surface, Austin refuses to disclose family secrets—even to his brother’s widow. It’s only by accident she uncovers evidence of Joel’s tainted past. Devastated by his lies and betrayal, she slowly opens up to Austin, and together they unfold layers of pain and grief. 

Mimi is sure she’ll never love again, but is Austin the man to prove her wrong? Then the unthinkable happens… 

Just as Mimi finds new hope in a future with Austin, Joel returns home from war. Enraged, traumatized, and teetering on the edge of insanity, Joel confesses to a history of deception, revealing yet another secret—this one too terrible to forgive. 

In an awful twist of fate, Joel proves marriage vows are made to be honored. 

No matter what.

Till Death Us Do Part is a well-written debut by Cristina Slough.

We start by knowing Mimi and Joel, who they were together as a couple, as a newlywed.  Their love was immediately tested by distance due to the war in Iraq, where Joel, a US Marine, was deployed.  Then the unthinkable happened and Mimi received news that her husband was captured and killed.  Grief, like I could only imagine, took over that love.

Holding onto the memories of Joel, Mimi travelled to Texas, to try and connect with his past.  There, she met Austin, Joel’s estranged brother, and Jake, Austin’s son.  Then she learned that nothing was what it seemed.

If you are a fan of HEA (Happily Ever After), be prepared.  This is a beautiful story of the power of love, and what it could withstand, deceit and loss, among others.  I give this story 5 stars, and I am looking forward to reading more of Miss Slough’s books.

5/5 stars.

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