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I was lucky enough to chat with Author RK Close, whose Paranormal debut novel, “Red Night” comes out today!

1. In 3-5 words, describe yourself as a writer.


Can I have an example? *laughs* A little dark, funny, romantic with strong-characters. See what I did there? *winks*


2. Tell us about your book “Red Night“.


Falling in love is dangerous.

Nobody knows this better than, Samantha, a young private investigator who inadvertently captures the attention of a mysterious vampire, an unassuming college professor and a sadistic killer with a taste for beautiful young blonds.


One man can’t stay away from her. Another must face his the past he’s been hiding from to be with her. And an unstoppable killer views Samantha as a golden opportunity for revenge.


Sam must choose who to trust and who to love because the stakes are high and any mistake could be her last. 





3. What/who was your inspiration for this book?


I really don’t know. I simply picked a situation and added a couple characters and went with it. I had no idea beyond the initial situation and the first two characters’ personalities what would happen. I think the character’s sort of take over from there. 


4. What do you find is the hardest part about writing?


Editing. I can write and write but editing takes me forever. Oh, and maybe time management. I’m extremely unorganized. I could use a personal assistant. *laughs* And some money to pay them.


5. How do you overcome them?


I have a new plan to try. I’ve found that I get easily distracted (characteristic of ADD) and an entire day goes by and I haven’t written the first sentence. My biggest distractions are social media & a huge list of things I could be doing around the house. To combat these two issues, I’m going to start going to the library to work. There I’ll have quiet but no internet. I tried this once last week and it worked great. Then I can close up my laptop for the day and focus on my busy family, still having accomplished my writing goals for the day. Check back in a couple of months to see if it’s working. 

6. What do you find is the best part about writing?


It feeds my creative side. I love to read and get lost in a story. Writing is very similar for me except that it satisfies a part of me that has needed to be stimulated for a long time. I’m so much happier since I started writing. It’s like there was a part of me that was missing and now I’ve found it. I’m balanced now. I found my center. Hahah, I sound like a yoga instructor.


7. Who are your favourite authors? Have they inspired you?


I’ve enjoyed so many authors but the ones that stick out in my mind are Ann Rice, Dean Koontz, Karen Marie Moning, Charlene Harris and yes, I completely enjoyed the Twilight series, so Stephany Meyers to name just a few. 


8. How has your writing journey been?


My writing journey looks so much different than most. I started my first story on Wattpad November 20, 2014. I finished the rough draft of 83,000 words three months later. Wattpad featured my story the first of June 2015 and the last week of December 2015 Limitless Publishing offered me a contract to publish the Vampire Files Trilogy, starting with Red Night which will launch next month. I’m still waiting for someone to figure out that I don’t know what I’m doing and take it all back. *laughs like a crazy person*


9. Any advice for aspiring writers?


I’m guessing the only reason I can actually write an entire story is because I’ve always loved to read and I’ve read a great many books. And reading does not come easy for me. I’m painfully slow which is why I don’t offer to read other authors stories very often. For that very reason, I try to lend support in other ways. So I would say read all the time. It will make you smarter and a better writer.


10. What’s next for you?


I’m working on wrapping up the first draft of book 2, RED MOON and I’ve started the prequel to the series for #CampNaNoWriMo. I’m not meeting my goal but I did get it started. I’ll be mostly focused on editing RM so that I can submit it to Limitless and hopefully have it published before the end of the year. And of course book 3 still needs to be written. I have an idea for a new series but don’t know if I will have time to start that before the first series is complete. Who knows, maybe I’ll suddenly become an organized over-achiever and knock them both out simultaneously. Miracles do happen—my novels are being published. *sheepish grin*


                 11. Feel free to answer a few or all of these:


▪ Music while writing?   Only if its instrumental. I can’t think if I’m listening to lyrics. It’s an attention issue I struggle with.
▪ Dark, milk or white chocolate?  I choose dark because I’m always health conscious but I’m addicted to any chocolate. Add peanut butter and I’m in heaven. 
▪ Red or White Wine? Red, all the way. I will do a sweet white, like a dessert or Riesling.  
▪ Cat or Dog? I have and love both. I’m a big animal lover in general.
▪ Morning person or night owl?  I’m a natural morning person. I have to load up on espresso to survive a night on the town.
▪ What kind of dancer are you? The kind that thinks they can dance after a couple glasses of wine. So pretty much comical but I still love to dance. 😉
▪ What’s your favourite movie?  For years is was Aliens. But now my favorites are all of the Lord of the Rings, Matrix, most all of the superhero movies that have come out and even the Twilight movies. I loved the novels so much that I could ignore the bad acting and just enjoy the story.
▪ What’s your secret favourite movie (that you’re too shy to admit)? It’s two shows – Highlander and Game of Thrones. I have to hide in my bedroom with the door locked so my kids don’t walk in and ask to watch it with me.
▪ Funniest date? My girlfriend Dayna set me up on a blind date once when we were late teens and promised that her dates friend was better looking than her date. I was in her bedroom when the guys arrived and she came to the room with a nervous face and said he brought a different friend. Needless to say I tried to leave out the back door and my girlfriend tackled me and wouldn’t let me leave. It was not a fun night but it’s a funny story when we talk about her wrestling me to the ground to make me stay.
▪ Worst date?  A co-worker asked me out and I said yes because I’d always thought he was cute. He planned a really nice evening and I was impressed. He taking me for drinks at a trendy bar, out to dinner at a local hot spot and then to a play. I was a little shocked when he tried to kiss me after we had a couple of drinks. I stopped him and said I couldn’t change gears that fast and that it was a bit early for a kiss and he seemed like he understood. He tried to kiss me again after dinner and again I stopped him and reminded him this was a first date and it hadn’t even ended. By the third time I new we wouldn’t be having a second date. We never went out again and never talked about the date.
▪ What is your weirdest writing habit?  I’m sort of boring. I don’t think I have any. Is it too late to invent one? *winks*
▪ If you have one week left on this earth, which of your characters would you spend it with?  That’s easy! One of my characters is based on my best friend, Dayna. I would spend it with her but I’d be dreaming about Adam or Gabriel. 
▪ If you have been kidnapped, which of your characters would rescue you? I’m going to say Adam but Gabriel is also qualified and Sam is very capable. I just wouldn’t want to wrap my arms around Samantha while she carried me out of said situation.

Pick up your copy now!

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