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RED: A Love Story


Two lovers. One fate. One twist.

It will all hang on the roll of a die.


This is the story of a forbidden love and a journey of self-discovery. Like life, it is paved with drama and humor, passion and desire, questions and the mysteries surrounding their answers.


But.  Sharp blade.

Such a short word and fierce cut.


Marco battles ghosts from his past and embraces unconventional pleasures. His student Marisa struggles with the loss of her father and the estrangement of her mother. Their mutual fondness of literature brings them closer, and the two find in each other a soulmate.

After being torn apart, they are brought together again amidst mayhem — two changed beings sharing unchanged feelings. To be reunited, however, they face a twist.

It will all hang on the roll of a die.


RED offers references of philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, literature and music — inviting readers to reflect on love in different ways. Set in Brazil and the US, the novel has received over two million hits on Wattpad. It was endorsed by journalist Debra Pickett, a former columnist of The Chicago Sun-Times and contributor to CNN, as “an intriguing first novel — a thinking woman’s Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Goodreads Giveaway link (good until April 13): buff.ly/1R2TpyR 
Author website (book trailer and buy link): http://nicolecollet.com

About the Author:

Nicole Collet is a Brazilian-born writer and translator with degrees in journalism and cultural management. She has edited and translated works from authors as diverse as Ken Follett, Nora Roberts and Machiavelli. Nicole’s writing invite readers to reflect on love in different ways, merging story with psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, music, and literature.

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