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Promises are meant to be keptbut Patrick O’Brien is too numb with grief


Patrick hasn’t been able to move past the loss of his wife, who died while delivering his twin boys—Finn and Connor. While life continues around him, he is left in a state of emotional suspension, unable to honor his final vow to his wife and move on after she isgone.


Faking it only goes so far…


Always known as the moody older brother, Patrick maintains his distance from his overbearing but loving family. He’s barely coping, but still finds a way to be the best father he can to his sons.


Amber Miller returns home and finds more than the small town she left behind…


With her son in tow, Amber reluctantly returns to Birch Valley when her parents ask for help. Their well-known diner, Herrick’s, is a staple in the community. But more than that, her father is ill, and they need the extra set of hands to keep the place going.


Lonely hearts attract…


When Patrick and Amber cross paths, their instant attraction catches both off guard. Working through their own kinds of grief, the two must figure out what they want for their future—even if it’s not each other.


Losing someone you love is devastating, but learning to love again comes with its own challenges. 


Is he strong enough to risk his heart? Or will running from love be the ultimate betrayal of Patrick’s Promise?


The biggest challenge he’s ever had was making a promise he can’t keep…

Gloria Herrmann
Romance Author


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