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1. In 3-5 words, describe yourself as a writer.

            I’m as lost as you.


2. Tell us about your book 

Universal Link to Book: rxe.me/BCB8L6


3. What/who was your inspiration for this book?

I was watching the show ‘Locked Up’ and this episode that was in Siberia came up. They started talking about these huge dogs, Caucasian Shepherds, that they use in the prisons as guard dogs. These dogs are bred to bond to a particular person/family/group and usually have to go with their guard handlers when the guards retire because they won’t work with anyone else. Total pack mentality and extremely picky about who they show interest in. So, I started thinking…what if a guy in a book had one of those dogs? And a friend’s little sister was the only other person that the dog listened to/showed interest in? PIVOTAL MOMENTS was born from a prison show.


4. What do you find is the hardest part about writing?

       Maintaining writing momentum and not letting the characters take over and lead you down a blind path.


5. How do you overcome them?

Who said I did? 😉 I do a lot of venting, a lot of ranting, a lot of threatening to set the book on fire and eventually the characters listen and fall back into line.


6. What do you find is the best part about writing?

That awesome feeling when the words just flow, just pour onto the page and the next thing you know, that ‘groove’ has resulted into a completed chapter.


7. Who are your favourite authors? Have they inspired you?

Jamie Maguire, Layla Frost, Alexa Riley, Jenika Snow, Sam Crescent and so many more!


8. How has your writing journey been?

A learning experience. I, like many people, started out thinking you just wrote a book, someone picked it up and it was published. But I learned how much more work, tears and time went into that process. Writing is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!


9. Any advice for aspiring writers?

It’s a lot of work! Find your voice, write true to yourself, take your time and try to produce the best quality you can. Yes, readers love quantity, but they’re vicious when it comes to quality, too!


10. What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on completing my second novel in the In Time series, DECISIVE MOMENTS. It’s a continuation of PIVOTAL MOMENTS. My projected completion date is June 1st of this year.


11. Feel free to answer a few or all of these:


▪ Music while writing? Absolutely! Best ideas come from music!
▪ Dark, milk or white chocolate? Dark & white chocolate
▪ Red or White Wine? White. Red’s just ass nasty.
▪ Cat or Dog? Cat!
▪ Morning person or night owl? Night owl. It’s why I love working the night shift.
▪ What kind of dancer are you? Um…well, when I was younger, I was a damn good one. Now, I kinda resembled a midget having a seizure.
▪ What’s your favourite movie? Terminator series. “Ah’ll be bah-ck.” And 40 Year Old Virgin
▪ What’s your secret favourite movie (that you’re too shy to admit)? Jupiter Ascending
▪ Funniest date? I went to dinner with a guy that played hand bells. He kept insisting he was the best…I guess he thought that’d impress me to the point of putting out. *shrug*
▪ Worst date? Got stood up at Applebees and the dude’s friend finally showed up to tell me that he wasn’t coming.
▪ What is your weirdest writing habit? I have to have particular pens (can only get them on Amazon) and paper. I love printer paper, but I need lines…so I go into Excel and created a spreadsheet I could print out that had the lines spaced perfectly for me to write on. (Yes, I make my own writing paper)
▪ If you have one week left on this earth, which of your characters would you spend it with? Teagan! Because everyone loves the Teeg!
▪ If you have been kidnapped, which of your characters would rescue you? Blake, Teagan’s brother. He’s a bad ass Marine Corps Special Forces sniper!




Universal Link to Book: rxe.me/BCB8L6

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