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1. In 3-5 words, describe yourself as a writer.

Passionate, Spontaneous and Fearless.


2. Tell us about your book

Forever Night Stand is a contemporary romance novel about Brandy and Ivo’s journey to love despite of Brandy’s Alzheimer’s disease. It tackled about the disease which has the power to rob, damage and destroy yet cannot vanquish the feeling of love and being loved. 


3. What/who was your inspiration for this book?

I am secretly a Korean drama fan. I was watching this movie “A Moment To Remember” about this girl who had an Alzheimer’s disease at a very young age. So I started thinking…what if there was a cure? What will happen if this girl undergoes a treatment? I wanted to write something that has never been tackled before.  Forever Night Stand was born. 


4. What do you find is the hardest part about writing?

My schedule. I am mother of three, a career woman and a wife of a very grumpy husband who hates to see me up until the wee hours writing like crazy. But I make time. On the train on the way to work – I write. During work down time – I write. Writing is crazy. Glad I’m still sane. 


5. How do you overcome them?

Perpetual struggle but I write whenever I can, wherever I can.


6. What do you find is the best part about writing?

The amazing people I met along the way and becoming the better version of myself, at least my writing persona.

Also, one of my greatest joys of being a writer is being able to offer some sort of help or insight that improves the quality of relationships and life for others. I love it when a reader trust me enough to email me about their struggles or share their life.


7. Who are your favourite authors? Have they inspired you?

Mina V. Esguerra, Marian Tee, Kate Evangelista, Sylvia Day, J.K Rowling, Neil Gaiman, J.R.R Tolkien, Kresley Cole and many more! Their works inspired me to do better.


8. How has your writing journey been?

So far so good! I am proud of myself I published my debut novel, Forever Night Stand, last year and this June I will be releasing the spin-off titled Underneath It All under Limitless Publishing. 

My self-published ParaRomance book titled Nexus Series Book 1: Anathema and a short story titled Little Things was distributed by Buqo, a local digital bookstore in the Philippines also last year.


I am currently posting Anathema on Wattpad, just testing the waters. I am happy with the novella but I was thinking of extending it to a full length novel before I released it to the world. 



9. Any advice for aspiring writers?

Just write it! You’ll never know how long it’ll take you to write a story unless you begin writing. Go ahead, make that first step. Do not be afraid to share your work to the world. Criticism may break you but it will always sharpen your skill. Your work may not see the light of the day in an actual published book but at least you enjoy the journey regardless.

Build your author platform and fanbase before you take advantage of all the publishing path and tools available for you. Write as much as you can and when you get published, publish more books. Especially, do not give up on what makes you happy.  


10. What’s next for you?

As I mentioned on Q8, my second book is coming out this June! Underneath It All will surely fire up your summer!


I also have a current project with the local romanceclass I joined last March organized and facilitated by Mina V. Esguerra. I’m hoping to produce a romance novel/la (not sure yet what will be the outcome), set in the Philippines and penned in English. This is my first time writing something that is not set in a foreign country. I am so excited to get this going. The title is Love At First Sit (I’m sure you are quite familiar with that) and is now being serialized on Radish Fiction.



11. Feel free to answer a few or all of these:


§  Music while writing? Yes

§  Dark, milk or white chocolate? Dark

§  Red or White Wine? Red

§  Cat or Dog? Dog

§  Morning person or night owl? Night Owl (if not obvious I’m answering your interview questions at 2am.)

§  What kind of dancer are you? Pop Techno

§  What’s your favourite movie? Many To Mention 

§  What’s your secret favourite movie (that you’re too shy to admit)? A Moment To Remember 

§  Funniest date? Secret. Haha!

§  Worst date? My date tried to hold my hand and his was so sweaty…eww

§  What is your weirdest writing habbit? None. I’m a digital girl. A millenial writer. Most of my writings happen on my phone and saved directly to dropbox. Without it, I’m doomed. 

§  If you have one week left on this earth, which of your characters would you spend it with? My female leads! I want them to teach me their life hacks!

§  If you have been kidnapped, which of your characters would rescue you?

Reeve from Underneath It All! He drives fast cars for sure we will evade my captors!

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