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For years I have only written for my number one fan–me.  I’ve enjoyed being a closet writer all that time, writing longhand on a number of journals or typing away on my laptop, but not once have I completed a full novel.  Not once have I ever thought that I will be published. Then almost two years ago, I joined Wattpad.  After three months and two stories started, I had very little reads, but I did make connections with other writers.  Really though, I was shocked that people were reading my stories and seemingly enjoying them.

In the summer of 2014, I almost deactivated my Wattpad account, thinking that I’ve wasted my time, yet again, and was ready to move on to another venture.  Boy, I’m sure glad I didn’t!  In August, I started posting “Confessions of a Wedding Planner”, a 12-chapter novella I wrote in 2011.  Those twelve chapters got longer, simply because readers asked for more.  Words like “update please” and “can’t wait for the next chapter” were posted on the comment section.  These words were my encouragement.  Those readers were my inspiration.  

Now, that once upon a time 12-chapter novella, even in its first draft stage, has garnered over 2M reads, and has turned into what is now The Bliss Series.  Most of all, it has attracted more than 8,600 followers!  That’s 8,600 times more inspiration than what I had two years ago.

To them, and to the writerly friends I have made throughout this experience, I dedicate this site.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making me realize a dream I didn’t know I had.


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